A economic literacy seminar for the champions of investor protection

Three weeks after writing approximately the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) statistics campaigns on investor protection, I believe it is equally essential for the commission to conduct monetary literacy seminars for its personnel.

The SEC considers its personnel as its most treasured asset. It strives to offer them mastering and improvement possibilities for personal and professional growth via, for example, a monetary literacy seminar. Seminars like this equip them with information and skills to make sound financial selections and control their financial sources efficaciously.

On Jan. 22, 2020, the SEC had the privilege of having Edric E. Mendoza as its guest speaker on financial literacy and stewardship. Mendoza is an “edu-preneur” or an education entrepreneur who makes a speciality of modern gaining knowledge of, family and personal finance. He is the chairman of Homeschool Global Learning Inc. And former lead anchor of the award-triumphing show “On the Money” on ANC.

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I have met many celebrities and personalities. I actually have met one of a kind Miss Universe and Miss World applicants. I actually have met and worked with Cabinet secretaries. I even have even had the possibility to satisfy and speak with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau all through the thirty first annual Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit in November 2017 in Manila, but it turned into simplest with Mendoza that I got starstruck.

Kidding aside, Mendoza’s essential shifts centered on four matters which one ought to act on. The 4 things are information, attention, reason and motion.

First, on information: one has to pick the proper giants who will manual and mentor one’s financial and lifestyles journey. This consists of attending extra trainings/seminars/meetings/workshops, seeking out a mentor like a financial adviser who can provide tips and feedback, increasing your expert network, or simply selecting buddies whose cash skills and views will help improve — and no longer get worse — your personal.

Second, to gain one’s lengthy-time period desires, an individual desires to focus on improving his/her private economy, in place of traumatic about the countrywide economy. This method controlling what you may, by setting up clear economic dreams, developing a realistic finances and plan in an effort to gain this, and adjusting one’s underlying values and conduct with a view to have an effect on how efficiently or poorly you will obtain these goals.

Third, cash isn’t always the endgame however simply a way to obtain one’s better motive. Pursuing money because the give up goal has the risk of leading us into all types of poor decisions that we will remorse, as seen in the lives and testimonies of a number of Mendoza’s former “On the Money” guests. When one shifts focus and sees cash merely as a means and now not an quit, you will enjoy peace. He/she can positioned cash to excellent use and enhance monetary literacy. The key, therefore, in a single’s finances as it’s far in lifestyles, is to search for and verify one’s higher cause, steer the focus and movement closer to attaining this with the guidance of professional mentors. After all, with unwavering faith in God, the whole thing and something is viable. As quoted by way of Germany Kent, an American writer, “Let your existence replicate the religion you have got in God. Fear nothing and pray about the whole thing. Be robust, trust God’s phrase, and agree with the manner.”

Lastly, one desires movement. Dave Ramsey, a monetary guru within the United States, states, “Personal finance is 80 percent behavior, and 20 percent talents or head knowledge.” After quoting this, Mendoza reminded us that it is not what we recognize that adjustments us, it’s far what we do with what we recognise that does. With this statistics, the venture is to do something now for the future of 1’s cherished ones.

To be financially literate means taking a proactive stance on investor safety and training. With the help of the these days held economic literacy seminar at the SEC, we at the commission desire that SEC employees learned something from this occasion and will use it on their every day lives.

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